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Types of mobile phone batteries and their technical characteristics  RSS 2.0

Types of mobile phone batteries and their technical characteristics

The battery is an important part of a cell phone, its unstable work turns the most high-tech device into a useless piece of plastic. This article aims to provide the buyer with the most complete information about the batteries, in order to avoid mistakes in their purchase.

The basic principle of the battery is based on obtaining an electric current through chemical reactions. The power sources of mobile phones can be nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd), nickel-magnesium (NiMH), lithium-ion (Li-ion) and lithium-polymer (Li-Pol).

Nickel-based accumulator batteries (Ni-Cd and NiMH) almost completely disappeared and remained only in the oldest phone models. A large volume, a modest energy intensity and the presence of a "memory effect" does not allow them to compete on an equal footing with lithium batteries.

Lithium-ion sources (Li-ion) are used in most cellular phones, high specific electric density at small sizes are their main advantages. Such batteries are easy to use, have a large number of charge-discharge cycles (up to 1000), they can be safely charged at any level of discharge ("no memory effect"). However, the price of Lithium-ion batteries is quite substantial and stability is guaranteed only at positive temperatures. Store these batteries should be strictly charged, unused deep-discharged lithium-ion power supply quickly fails.

Lithium polymer batteries (Li-Pol) - the most high-tech type of rechargeable batteries. At a similar to the lithium-ion density, the energies can have a variety of geometric shapes and allow manufacturing with a minimum thickness. The popularity of thin phones led to an increase in the use of lithium-polymer power sources. Li-Pol batteries are used in many ultrathin solutions from Nokia, Samsung.

The main characteristic of the power sources of mobile devices is the energy intensity. It is measured in amperes per hour - the higher the figure, the longer the phone is able to last without charging. Manufacturers of cellular infrequently pamper buyers with high energy intensity. As a rule, it does not exceed 1000 amperes per hour, and more powerful batteries are offered for a fee. A pleasant exception is the company Philips, almost all models, which are characterized by survivability.

Average battery life is about two years. With intensive use, the loss of capacity is noticeable after a year of operation, and after two years the operating time is reduced by about two times. The use of a battery aged 3 or more years is unsafe and should be taken care of in time to replace it.

Finally, a few tips on the use of power supplies. Store lithium-ion batteries in a charged state, do not allow contact closure and polarity damage, never disassemble. The battery should not be exposed to high temperatures (above 60 degrees), do not leave it in direct sunlight and in places accessible to children.

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