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Rules of operation and storage of the battery  RSS 2.0

Rules of operation and storage of the battery

Protect the battery from fire and water, excessive heating (cooling), as well as sudden temperature changes. Do not use the battery at temperatures above + 40 ° C or below -25 ° C. The performance of the Ni-Mh and Li-Ion batteries deteriorates at temperatures below -10 ° C and 0 ° C, respectively, so with prolonged exposure to low temperatures, the phone should be protected from cold. Do not leave the phone in an over-temperature zone. This can shorten the life of electronic components, damage the battery and deform or melt certain synthetic materials. The battery does not charge at temperatures above 40 ° C.

Do not allow the battery contacts to touch metal objects when storing. The possible cause of fast self-discharge may be the internal contact group of your cell phone itself.

Never attempt to open the battery by yourself. Restorative work with modern batteries at home is impossible.

Protect the battery from impact, do not drop it. A sharp blow can dislodge or damage the internal power system or hidden contacts. Use additional protective equipment, such as cantilever covers.

Try not to allow the batteries to completely discharge and short the contacts.

Before replacing the battery, turn off the phone.

To charge the battery, use only original chargers specified by the manufacturer.

Do not leave the battery in the charger for more than 24 hours.

Keep the batteries in a dry and cool place. Nickel accumulators need to "train" once or twice a year (several times in a row to chop and charge), lithium batteries should be recharged enough times a year to prevent their deep self-discharge (if the lithium cell voltage falls below 3 V, it will not be possible to restore it). If the phone is not used for a long time (more than 1 week), its battery should be fully charged and stored separately from the phone.

Optimum battery performance is achieved only after 3-4 first full charge-discharge cycles.

Features of battery charging:

Ni-Mh - to reduce the capacity of the battery, it should be recharged only after it is completely discharged. The recommended initial charging time for new batteries in all types of devices is 14 hours.

Li-Ion, Li-Pol - these batteries do not require pre-discharge before charging. Batteries are charged only in the temperature range from +5 ° C to +45 ° C. The recommended initial charging time for new batteries in all types of chargers is 5 hours.

Ensure that your battery is fully charged before use.

Wipe the battery and contacts with a clean, soft and dry cloth.

The battery can become hot during operation or charging.

During long-term storage, self-discharge of the battery may occur. If you temporarily do not use the battery, disconnect it from the phone or charger to avoid loss of capacity.

If the rules of operation and charging of the battery are not observed, its nominal capacity (and, therefore, the operating time) may decrease.

additional characteristics

Ni-Mh - work comparatively well at negative temperatures, with proper operation they can withstand up to 600-800 full charge-discharge cycles, but have a so-called "memory effect".
Li-Ion - batteries of this type have no "memory effect". Have a slightly increased internal resistance, especially in the cold, which can manifest itself in the spontaneous disconnection of the phone during a conversation or a call at negative temperatures, so it is not recommended to allow excessive hypothermia of the phone with a lithium battery. When properly operated, they can withstand up to 500-600 full charge-discharge cycles.
Li-Pol - are also deprived of the "memory effect". When properly operated, they can withstand up to 300-400 full charge-discharge cycles.

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