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Если Ваш аккумулятор утерян, то мы можем его изготовить, но тогда нужно присылать телефон для согласования контроллеров питания и стоимость увеличиться на 100грн (стоимость контроллера питания)

We will perform high-quality repair of smartphones, tablets, laptops in Kiev of any manufacturers. We will FREEly diagnose your device, determine the exact breakdown and estimate the cost of its elimination according to our price list.
You can use our services in Kiev, as well as throughout Ukraine, sending your device to the delivery service "Nova poshta"

Contact number: 063 352 81 50, 066 116 40 75

Terms and prices for repairs:

The repair time, depending on the complexity and availability of replacement parts, varies from 2 to 7 days. We also provide emergency repair services for the most popular models.

Наш прайс:

Name Cost of service, UAH
Work with software (update software version, reflash, unlock) From 150 UAH *
Replacement of the display / touch screen  From 250 UAH
   ** + detail
Replacement of LCD + touchscreen module From 300 UAH 300 UAH * ** + detail
Replacement of body parts   From 100 UAH * + detail
Replacement of the buffer 150 UAH+ detail
Microphone replacement / speaker  150 UAH+ detail
Camera replacement From 150 UAH + detail
Replacement of loops From 150 UAH *
Complex repair of the motherboard (replacement of components) From 400 UAH * + detail
Cleaning the device from dust and dirt   from 150 UAH *
Replacement of connectors (power, audio, USB)  From 150 UAH *

* - the price depends on the manufacturer of the mobile device

** - the price depends on the type of display assembly and touchscreen type

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